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Workers comp assignment 1) What are the goals of workers compensation?
--A. provide prompt adequate definite income and medical benefits to accidents that are related to work.
B. Reduce court delays, cost and workloads which are arising from personal injury and provide a single remedy.
C. Remove private and public problems of money due to uncompensated industrial accidents.
D. Eliminate time consuming trials and appeals in the court. E. Eliminate attorney fees involved.
F. accident caused is promoted by frank study and reducing accidents, human sufferings etc.
G. Employer must abide the compulsory law that accepts and provides the benefits to workers.

2. Explain how you believe Workers Compensation program has helped workers. Though workers compensation insurance is costly for companies, there are some benefits from managing one’s workers compensation program. Explain.

--Workers compensation is the insurance since 1900’s in the United States. From the beginning of 19th century as the growth of industries increased and the workers for the industries also increased, so the injuries’ had become more common in the factories where the workers used to deal with the larger machines and were working in hazardous conditions,. so a system was needed to compensate the workers who had suffered from injuries during working hours,.
1> Workers Compensation program has helped workers in relieving there mental stress.
2> This program has made the workers to claim the financial and medical expenses easy so that they don’t have to wait for years to get their compensation,.
3> In older days employers did not care much about workers injuries that are caused during working,. They used different lawsuits if any worker sue them in case, after introducing the workers compensation the cumbersome job of claiming insurance became easy to workers,.
4>If any worker is injured in the working place or in case of death, the workers compensation removes the costly and cumbersome process of litigation which includes law and court,..
5>If in case workers want to file a complaint on claiming of financial matters on insurance company in the lawsuit ,they don’t have to pay the attorney fee until they get favorable decision..
6> workers who are injured and not recovered fully receive temporary partial disability benefits,.
7>workers with permanent disability or injury receive permanent total disability benefits,.
8>workers who are partially disabled, such as losing one hand or losing one eye receive permanent partial disability benefits,..
Benefits that managing one gets from workers compensation program are:
1. Employers get protection from the lawsuit, As injured worker claim money from insurance provider,.
2. Workers will work efficiently if they are provided with complete benefits,. Including hospital charges, financial assistance ets,.so that company can get into great benefits from workers efficient work,..

3) What is the purpose of tracking hazards by risk?
--1>The main purpose of the tracing hazards is that it helps both the employers and workers benefit from preventing work related accidents,. Many work related accidents have no cure, only cure is prevention of accident,. Work related injuries cause employers to give more money as they have to raise health insurance and workers compensation which may disrupt the business line,.
2>The hospital charges and the economic instability can disrupt the family condition enormously,.
3>If workers are made to know about dangerous area or equipment by warning them can prevent from work related damage to the workers,.
4>There are lot of techniques and procedures used by industries to prevent the risk of hazards ,as we know we cannot completely eliminate the risk of hazards but we can eliminate it to the fullest possible way,.
5>The majority of work related hazards or dangers are identified by workers it self as they work in routine,.

4) Name 3 major areas or factors where hazardous conditions can be eliminated or controlled and give an example for each factor and how the hazardous condition was eliminated or controlled?

The Three major areas where hazardous conditions can be controlled are
A) Ergonomic Hazards
B) Construction Hazards
A) Ergonomic Hazards involve poor lighting, improperly adjusted workstations and chairs, frequent lifting, repetitive or awkward movements while a person is involved in his work. Very frequently a worker develops eye strain or back problem or shoulder problem etc which is all a gradually developed pain due to workplace activity. Basically this occurs when the type of work you do, your body position and/or your working conditions put a strain on your body. They are difficult to identify because you don’t immediately recognize the harm they are doing to your health. These hazards can be eliminated when Everyone in a workplace shares responsibility for ensuring that their work environment is safe and healthy. Some hazards pose an immediate danger and others take a longer time to become apparent. But both types of hazards must be fixed. If you are aware of a hazard in your workplace, you should report it promptly to your supervisor, employer or health and safety representative. Once a hazard has been identified, your employer and/or supervisor has a duty to assess the problem and eliminate any hazard that could injure workers. By this way ergonomic hazard can be eliminated before anyone else gets injured.
B) Construction hazards are exposed to a variety of health hazards everyday. Construction continues to be an accident and injury prone sector due to the nature of work but also due to the difficulty in implementing the safety regulations on scattered places, remote construction sites. Construction workers are exposed to wide variety of health hazards, which includes chemical, physical, biological and social hazards. No reliable and authentic data is available with regard of accidents, however the trend of accidents (causation-wise) are fall from height, fall of material, electrocution, collapse of earth, moving machinery, others. This can be prevented effectively by implementing Safety and loss control management in construction projects/sites is an effort of expanding the scope of activities relating to the basic safety function.In other words and in effect, it seeks to include all the techniques enginnering control measures,strategies,human behavioral modification techniques etc.loss control management provides ideas,tools and inspiration to reduce personal injuries and economic losses to a is an appl,ication of professional management techniques and skills to this programs activities(directed at risk avoidance,loss prevention and loss reduction) specifically intended to minimize losses resulting from the pure (non-speculative) risk at project sites.

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