Workers' Exploitation in China

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Exploitation of Workers In China:
Analyze with suicides of Foxconn
As globalization affected the whole world, the contradiction between leaders and labors has become a world-wide problem. In China, a series of employees’ suicides attracted the public and media’s concentration to consider this problem. A Taiwanese electronics corporation, is acting as the protagonist in this issue and now earning an internationally notorious reputation of running sweatshops.
This paper analyze the cause of ongoing trend of exploitation of workers in China with the example of Foxconn, and examine the reasons behind those suicides from the perspective of management, workers and related laws. Based on the fundamental information of China, to illustrate my own analysis about this case from ethical and legal point, and to criticize Foxconn’s management strategy, labor relations and the gaps of Chinese laws.
Keywords: workers’ exploitation, China, Foxconn, suicides, management, laws
In the three components of business market, producers, retailers and consumers, corporation is the most common for managers to execute economic activities. The two elements involved in corporation are employers and employees. However, when compared with employees’ welfare, managers prefer to choose maximum profit as their prime selection. In the Marxist theory, this act of utilizing and maximizing employees’ labor to gain more profit without providing them with the equal compensation that they have created is called exploitation, and the capitalists are regarded as the main entity who manipulate these unequally economic rules. However, as globalization has affected the whole world, exploitation is becoming more intense in other countries except capitalist countries, especially in China.
In the new area where exploitation is developing, the conflict between employers and…...