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Workforce planning in general entails a process of ensuring that there is an understanding of the current workforce in an organization and the environment that they are working in, and that which they are expected to work in the future. The makeup of the current workforce should be taken into consideration when dealing with the planning process to ensure that the ultimate goals of the organization are met especially due to the dynamism in the business sector. One of the main goals of workforce planning is to a large extent assisting the managers with a framework that will help them make informed staffing decisions which are in line with the organizations budgetary resources, strategic plans, and mission. Therefore the integration of areas that are normally neglected in the business such as attraction and retention, job re-design, recruitment, separation, learning and development give meaning to the diverse areas of human resource management which are considered in isolation.

Strategic Objectives

The objectives of the organization are going to assist the manager to be able to link the mission or the vision of the organization with the actual outcome. After carrying out the workforce analysis, there is a need to place the targets of the organization in place. This involves setting attainable goals or objectives that will assist the manager to be able to plan ahead of time the expectations of the organization. In developing the objectives, there is a need to have a close examination of the key issues relating the workforce and that are likely to impact on the development of the organization.

Some of the objectives that are going to be used as a basis in the attainment of the goals of the organization will be informed by the analysis....

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