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Company profile-Novus pharmaceuticals ltd is a new strategies business unit (SBU) of Abdul Monem group. The group has a long reputation as the best road construction company of the country. More over the group has two block buster brands Coca-Cola, igloo ice-cream. Bangladesh pharmacy markets have known to be one of the best value addition sectors among all industries. With better urbanization and economic upliftment people will have more access to modern medicines. Novus will capitalize this opportunity by offering highest quality medicines at an affordable cost to serve people locally and globally. Combining the group image and applying appropriate marketing strategies Novus will established itself as a leading player Bangladesh pharmacy market.
Company Index Score Current Index Score Historical Index Score

* Novus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. currently scores 50% in the index.
* Novus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is currently ranked equal 10 out of 4206. This is in the top 0.24% of Parma companies ranked in the index.
* Novus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is currently ranked equal 19 out of a total of 35419 included in the Info Grok Company Index. This is the top 0.05% of all companies.
* User perception of the company stands at 50%. This differs 0% over the score attributed to the company by other scoring factors.
Mission & Vision
To become the most valued partner of customer care by researching, developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products of highest standards.
To be a major player in Pharmacy industry both locally and globally for life saving drugs
As a quality medicine manufacture within 2 years of time and will enter within top 20 within 06 years.
As a part of good corporate governance his company want to become a caring organization for our customer,…...

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...Course No: F-614 Term Paper on Working Capital Management Prepared for Prof. M Shahjahan Mina Department of finance University of dhaka Prepared by Asif Mohammad Bakar (ID # 15065) Fahad Zaman Chowdhury (ID # 21034) Submitted on: 19-8-2013 Letter of Transmittal 19th August, 2013 Prof. M. Shahjahan Mina Department of Finance, University of Dhaka. Subject: Submission of term paper Dear Sir: We, a group of EMBA Program, Department of Finance, have prepared a term paper on “Working Capital Management” as per your guideline. We have prepared this report using financial statements of Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Limited using data from year 2008 to year 2012. We, therefore, lay our highest level of gratitude to you to consider our limitations and restrictions and grant this report. Sincerely Yours, Fahad Zaman Chowdhury Asif Mohammad Bakar EMBA Program Department Of Finance. University Of Dhaka. Table of Contents Serial No. | Chapter Name | Page No. | 1 | Introduction | 01 | 2 | Company profile | 02 | 3 | Statement of Problem | 03 | 4 | Methodology of Analysis | 04 | 5 | Theoretical Background | 05 | 6 | Working Capital of HEIDELBERG CEMENT BANGLADEHS LTD. | 07 | 7 | Cash Flow | 09 | 8 | Ratio Analysis | 11 | 9 | Cash Conversion Cycle | 13 | 10 | Recommendations of HCBL for better Working Capital Management | 15 | 11 | Conclusion | 16 | 12 | Bibliography | 17 | Executive...

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