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Working Moms

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Women today face a dilemma when deciding if working outside of the home is the best solution for their families. In the past, society has thought that mothers that worked outside of the home would be a detriment to the development of children. In recent studies it is being suggested that there is no harm emotionally, mentally or behaviorally to a child that has a working mother. Women around the world have been asking themselves what seems to be a simple question; however in reality, is very complex. Is it better to stay at home with the children, or work outside of the home? The answer to this question is not going to be the same for everyone. Overall, this is a very personal choice for the mother and family and what is best for one family may not be best for another. One of the main things that mothers think about when contemplating entering the work force is how will this impact the child. The good news is that there have been quite a few recent studies that help answer this tough, yet very personal question. During the last several decades, the number of women in the work force has been increasing at significant rates. For example, in 1940 only 8.6% of women with children worked in the United States (Wladis 1). As recent as of 2010, 64% of American mothers with children under the age of 6 works outside of the home (Mann 1). Women have been joining the workforce for many different reasons. One reason for this is because of personal aspirations, women have wanted to start having successful careers. Women are seeing that there is the possibility of having successful careers at the same time as having a well-rounded and successful family. In addition to having personal career goals, other women have turned to the workforce to support their family financially. This could be to bring in extra money in order to provide enrichment opportunities that can increase...

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