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When referring to a 'working person' what are the underlying models and frameworks influencing and guiding a person's behavior and actions in a professional environment and impact on one's work performance in the workplace.
A working person is the one who, whether skilled or unskilled, earns his living at some manual or industrial work. The people who are able and likely to work between the age group of 20-65 years comes under the category of working person and who contributes to growth of an economy of a country. Each region may have different range of ages, but generally 20-65 are used. An individual and his/her behavior cannot be understand without considering various aspects of that individual's environment i.e. social, political, familial, temporal, spiritual, and economical. A working person's behavior may be affected by any of these aspects. A person-in-environment will provide more adequate framework for assessing an individual and his/her problems and strengths than an approach which focuses only on changing an individual's behavior, or that focuses only on environment conditions. There were a number of historical developments in the first two decades of the 20th century which leads to the more formal view of the concept in the emerging profession. A person working in an organisation is affected by many factors. Decisions about right or wrong permeate everyday life. Ethics concerns person's all levels of life i.e. acting properly as individuals working and expanding organisations. Both law and ethics deal with how one should live together with others. Law should be flexible enough so that individuals can act comfortably in a professional environment. There is a difference between Professional Attitudes and Behaviors. Attitudes are the values which an individual hold, their thoughts and feelings....

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