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Working Students Academic Performance

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A. Demographic Profile
1. Age
2. Sex
3. Living Arrangement
4. Educational Attainment
5. Aside from your immediate family, while your parents are away, who are the other people living in your house? Are they also involved in the caretaking process while your parents are away?
B. Reasons for your current set-up
REASONS FOR GOING ABROAD * Improve financial capacity for the family

"Kasi nurse kasi sila both tapos ang nurse kaya dito sa pinas kay mababa ang sweldotapos syempre kung gusto mo magkaroon ng pamilya tapos nurse ka.." (Because they are both nurses and nurses here in the Philippines have a low salary rate and if you want to keep your job as a nurse and have a family, you have to go abroad.) * To take care of the husband or the wife

“Gusto niya mag follow kay andun man ang papa ko.. ay parang main reason parang na feel man gd ng mama ko na parang naga pabaya papa ko doon.. unhealthy living tapos parang na feel niya na mas kailangan daw ng papa ko ang care niya kaysa sa akin pero okay lang basta narinig ko, sa naga share man din papa ko sa akin pag wala mama ko kay naga work man mama ko nung nag vacation ako, ang papa ko nun nag leave so naga kwento ang papa ko nun na mas healthy living na daw siya pagdating ng mama ko kay noon pag wala daw mama k okay sige siya inom, sige laag, nung nagdating mama ko mas na control, mas naalagan.” (My mom followed my Dad in Dubai because she felt that my dad was not taking good care of himself, she said that my dad needs her more than I do. My dad also told me that he was living a healthy lifestyle when my mom arrived because before he just kept drinking and going out but when my mom arrived, he had more control and he was more taken care of.)

“Si mama naa man pud opportunity na pwede niya madala si papa so siguro na realize ni papa na na ka ng mas maayo na naa sya ddito tapos si mama lang isa layo pa...

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