Working with and Leading People

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Introduction 3
Background of the Company 3
Task 1. Recruitment, Selection and Retention Procedures 4
Task 2. Build winning teams 5
Task 3. Styles and Impact of leadership 9
Task 4. Performance monitoring and assessment 11
Conclusion and Recommendation 13
References and Bibliography 14


This report is theoretically informed by several related literatures that form a compelling interdisciplinary intersection: aspects of human resource management, business law and ethics, working with and leading people. The aim is to achieve certain understanding in recruitment and selection processes, legal and ethical issues, building successful teams, styles and impact of leadership, performance monitoring and assessment.
Furthermore for better understanding the key details related to above mentioned topics I have chosen Yo! Sushi Company to investigate.

Background of the company

Founded in 1997, YO! Sushi brought the concept of a Japanese ‘kaiten’ sushi bar that delivered food to customers via a conveyor belt travelling 8cm per second to the masses, and became the original and most famous sushi brand in the UK.
By 2001, YO! Sushi was the market leader in sushi restaurants and (we like to think!) inspired supermarkets to start selling packaged sushi to the Great British Public, allowing people in areas where YO! Sushi restaurants hadn’t arrived yet to take their first steps in discovering how tasty and healthy sushi can be.
For the past 11 years YO! Sushi has been led by the CEO, Robin Rowland and with the help of their leadership team, they have grown from a London-only sushi brand to an international iconic success with over 60 restaurants worldwide. YO! Sushi is privately owned by Quilvest and the YO! Sushi senior management team in the UK.

Task 1. Recruitment, Selection and Retention Procedures

For the purpose…...