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A. Introduction/Scope/Objective
Our team is a network of consultants geared toward analyzing corporate behavior and providing recommendations for improving corporate social responsibility efforts.

B. Mission Statement:
Universal Responsibility Solutions will be the leader in providing social responsibility solutions to organizations around the world.

C. Vision Statement:
Universal Responsibility Solutions seeks to be the social responsibility stewards for today and tomorrow and the future.

D. Shared Values:
Fairness: It is important to be impartial and to treat everyone equally.
Reliability: Since this is a group project, we’re relying on one another to perform all tasks and duties assigned. It is important that each member performs to the best of his/her abilities and remains accountable for his/her actions. Diversity: Instill a more racial and gender diverse workplace environment. We believe that diversity helps us embrace a broader approach to issues and solutions.
Ethics and integrity: Each member is doing quality work to the best of his/her ability.

E. Desirable team behaviors and consequences for non-compliance:
Respect: Show others respect in discussions by having an open mind about different positions. Communication between group members should always be courteous. We can respectfully disagree.
Activity Documentation: Document progress (decisions and processes)
Accountability: Tasks assigned should be completed on time. Each team member is accountable for accomplishing assigned tasks within the agreed time frame.
Responsiveness: All communications should be answered within 24 hours. It is important that team members respond promptly to questions.
Punctuality: It is important that team members adhere to the agreed schedule and come to meetings on time.
Consequences for non-compliance:
First: Verbal warning
Second: Written warning with cc to Professor Bunch
Third: Discussion with Professor Bunch about removal from the team

F. Team conflict management plan
All conflicts should be addressed as soon as they’re detected. Group members will act as mediators and all issues should be resolved with the help and input of everyone. A compromise should always be sought.
However, if an issue still persists, it should be addressed to Professor Bunch for help and guidance and/or mediation.

G. Statement of team decision protocol
All team members will participate in the decision making process. It is important that the entire team agrees on the final decision. In case of divergence of opinion, the Team shall make decisions based on majority vote. In the event of a tie, the decision that best serves the interests of the entire Team should be selected.

H. Contingency Plan - Primary Plan and Secondary Plan
In the event that a team member cannot complete his/her assigned task, that team member should inform the group as soon as possible. The most urgent means of communication should be used. All other team members must decide how to reassign or redistribute the tasks. I. Team self-assessment approach and methodology
Each member will perform a weekly assessment using the peer evaluation form. In addition, members should be able to share their views about the group performance during meetings or in the group conference.

J. Team Contact Information Member Names (underline preferred) | Telephone Numbers | E-mail Contacts | Guidelines for contact (including preferred days, emergency information, etc.) | Jason Connelly | 443-867-0347 Cell540-251-3018 Home | | Available after 7:30pm on weekdays, 10am weekends | Erica Daye | 202-215-8010 | | Available except for Monday and Wednesday after 6:30pm. Most weekends time is flexible | Salomon Ehinon | 571-425-8525 | | Usually after 7pm. If urgent PLEASE CALL | Mohamed Elmuwaqqat | 240-462-3170 | | Available any time after 5pm | Zsumayah Carr | 202-322-9277 | | Anytime after 5pm |

K. Summary of individual member strengths and weaknesses (self-assessed) Members | Individual areas of strength (eg., good writer, editor, researcher, organizer, communicator, technology-adept, etc.) | Growth areas for teamwork (eg., limited team experience, tend to “take charge and want to be in control”, writing weaknesses, inexperienced editor, etc. | Jason Connelly | Citations, PPT, research | Organization, writing | Erica Daye | Writing, editing, research, organization. Team player | PPT, citations | Salomon Ehinon | Research, technologies, writing and editing | Communication | Mohamed Elmuwaqqat | Attention to detail, technologies, project management | Introverted personality type, writing and cogitations | Zsumayah Carr | Editing, research, organization, PPT | Communication |
(Note: Honest self –assessment is important. You will want to use this information to help you distribute the work in a way that leverages your individual and team advantages.)


Team Task Assignments & Timeline for Delivery (Revise as appropriate for your team needs) Sample Team Conference Facilitation: Task Assignments, Deliverables, Due Dates | Task | Lead | Due | Date/time each individual submits to team | A. Team Agreement | Coordinate development and production of team Agreement | Everyone | October 3 | October 5 | Manage values clarification exercise and provide needed input for Agreement | Salomon | October 3 | October 5 | Collect and organize team strengths and areas of weakness for inclusion in Agreement | Everyone | October 3 | October 5 | Develop and obtain approval of a team conflict management plan for inclusion in team Agreement | Everyone | October 3 | October 5 | Coordinate and facilitate project idea brainstorming session | Everyone | October 3 | October 5 |

Task | Lead | Due | Date/time each individual submits to team | B. Team Project Suggested activities: | Team Activity: (Post initial idea and then revisions as you make them. Date stamp the revisions.) | Erica will post and Salomon will act as a backup as needed | Manage team meetings scheduling, transcripts, etc. . (The person doing this task might be responsible for both the task and relationship aspects of the team processes. We suggest a sub-team with a primary and back-up member or with a division of labor by task and relationship focus..) | Erica and Salomon | Due date is flexible; team will meet at minimum 1 day per week. | After each meeting | Prepare outline including completion and submission of this work plan. (We recommend a two-member sub-group with approval from the group.) | Salomon and Jason as a back upEveryone | Work draft of outline due October 16th or 20thWill post to conference area chosen company and resources Monday Oct 14 | Company suggestions submitted by 9th for decision by 10th and resources agreed upon and submitted | Prepare draft team project. paper.Revise outline as necessary. (We recommend a primary and back-up writer.) | Erica & Salomon | Due midnight 11/11 | Each member to submit contribution by 11/08 | Review/edit script. (We recommend two people for this task.) | Mayah and Jason | November 14 | Each member to submit contribution by 11/16 | Develop final script and designate individual to post in conference and study group. (We recommend a two-person sub-group for this.) | Erica and Mayah | 12/1 | | Review/edit/submit final script to the conference. (We recommend a two-person sub-group for this.) | Jason and Erica | 12/1 | Each member to submit input by 11/20 | Produce Power Point based on team discussions and script; review Power Point. Post Power Point in Conference and Team Study Group area. | Jason and Mayah | 11/28 | Each member to submit contribution by 11/25 |

Team Acknowledgement:

Jason E. Connelly 10/25/2013
Erica Daye 10/25/2013
Salomon Ehinon 10/25/2013
Zsumayah Carr 10/25/2013
Mohamed Elmuwaqqat 10/6/2013 (Withdrew)

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