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STEP 1: PREWRITING * My evil stepmom. * I am thinking the age 15 and above.
The story is about an evil stepmom, a dad who is afraid of the stepmom and a son who tries to help his dad.

STEP 2: OUTLINING * “oooh you still here, what can I do to make you leave ?” I did not answer her just walk to the fridge and back to my room. * My major character is the son , and his goal is to help his father from his evil stepmom * I have two major key scenes; first, it is the scene where the son confront the stepmom. Second is when the father and the son escape from the stepmom. Climax I suppose is when the son stand up to his stepmom and say to her “stop it! And leave my dad alone” and the end is when the son and his father gets free.

I heard my step mom screaming at my dad, the same everyday “you don’t make enough money” and “why are you lazy ass son still living here” I fell hated everyday. Not the kind of birthday you wish for, today it was my 22 birthday today and all that have happen for me today is when I woke up and go to the kitchen I saw my step mom smoking like always and she said to me “oooh you still here, what can I do to make you leave ?” I did not answer her just walk to the fridge and back to my room.
My life has been the same for 2 years now I work at the supermarket in the mall, I am 22 years now and I didnt got my exam because I got kicked out of school for not doing anything. So now I just living at home with my dad and his crazy girlfriend, and I hate being at home my stepmom treat my dad like shit. One time she actually was with another man in the house when my dad and I was home… but, back to my 22 birthday, we had a family dinner as always and I got a present from my dad. I opened it and it was an apartment for me and the rent was paid a year a head, I jump up screaming “YES” I was so happy because I have been...

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