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Personal information

- Date of Birth :8/5/1952
- Place of birth : EGYPT
- Nationality : Egyptian
- Marital Status : Married
- phone Number : 01000525056 - 01003025964

1. B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Department), Minia University .
2. Grade : good .

1. 1983 : 1992 : Engineer in the field of maintenance and repair of heavy duty trucks , heavy equipments , hydraulics and petrol engine at Nile Company for goods transport
2. 1991 : I received courses in Holland for twenty-nine days in D.A.F trucks factory
3. 1992 : 1997 : Diesel trainer in Vocational training center in kingdom of Saudi Arabia
4. 1997 : 2006 : Engineer in the field of maintenance and repair of heavy duty trucks , heavy equipments equipments , hydraulics and petrol engine at Nile Company for goods transport
5. 2006 : 2011 : Workshop Manager at Nile Company for goods transport:
• Recommends equipment servicing policies.
• Monitors equipment maintenance programs.
• Coordinate and assists vehicles replacement planning.
• Develop and implement maintenance schedules for company fleet and mobile equipment units.
• Establish/ plan replacement process by evaluating equipment needs and goals for procurement and researching options and alternatives.
• Planned maintenance.
• Managing the day to day maintenance.
• Managing the preventive maintenance practice and procedures.
• Managing and directing the department employees .
• Maintaining the company equipment/...

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