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Summarize What You Learned

Save this worksheet to your computer with the filename "Your_Name_Workshop_Summary."

Complete the Classroom Student Workshop Follow-up Survey at the following link:

Complete the table by doing the following:

Fill in the table by adding your answers to each question.

Submit the completed worksheet as an attachment via the Assignment tab.

|Questions About What You Learned |Your Answers |
|What are the most important concepts or |Learning teams not only help students master knowledge but also prepare students|
|processes you learned in this workshop? |essential people skills for future career |
| |I learned how to actively participate and keep update with on-line discussions. |
| |In addition, I learned how to communicate professionally in the public forum and|
| |discussion. |
| |Acknowledging the functions and features of on-line courses, such as learning |
| |activities, tasks and assignments, I learned the general process to successfully|
| |study these on-line courses weekly. |
| |I also learned that writing format is critical to a professional. |
|How will you apply these concepts in your |I will carefully check my writing for any professional writing and public post |
|educational, personal, or professional…...

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...performance for stage and screen | Workshop Portfolio | Arts in the Community | | Sarah Milner | “Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.” (Boal, 1992, p. 31) For this module in Arts in the Community I wanted to work with children and after talking to Alice I discovered that she did too, we thought that it would be a good idea to find a placement together. We wanted our workshop to be influential and build on children's skills. Initially the idea was for our placement to be with disabled children as Alice and I wanted to create a workshop that centred on building their self-esteem, the project plan can be found in the Appendix (Figure 1). We looked for different places that would be suitable and thought of ideas for activities in our workshop. After discussing our plans we thought that it would be too difficult for us to be able to come up with a suitable workshop for disabled children as neither of us has had experience dealing with disabled people in the past. Straight away our idea changed to working with young children in either a school or drama club. We thought this would be easier for us to be able to design a suitable workshop, and becoming a teacher is a path that I’m thinking of following and this would give me a bigger insight. Finding a placement was very difficult; we came up with the idea of doing a Christmas themed workshop...

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...Day 2 Campus Journalism Workshop 08:00 Lecture on Photo Journalism - Vinn Lecture on News & Sports Writing - Vinn Lecture on Feature Writing - Earl Lecture on Editorial Writing - Mae 09:45 Break 10:00 Activity 1 10:45 Activity 2 11:30 Lunch/ End of Workshop 01:00 Lecture on Editorial Cartooning - Vinn Lecture on Copy Reading and Headline Writing-Orson & Mae Lecture on Lay-Outing - Earl Activity 1 02:45 Break 3:00 Activity 2 04:00 Closing Program Awarding Giving of Certificates Closing Remarks University of the Philippines Los Baǹos UPLB Ugnayan ng Pahinungod Going UP! Arts, Literary and Campus Journalism Workshop Program of Activities Mabini Central School | June 26-27, 2014 Day 1 07:30 Registration 08:00 Opening Program Invocation Opening Remarks by Mr. Joel L. Caserial, Ed. D. Introduce UPLB Pahinungod 08:30 Proceed to Desired Workshop Arts Workshop 08:30 Activity 1 Learning to Learn 09:15 Workshop 1 Create-Your-Own-Creative-Name Tag 09:45 Break 10:00 An Introductory Lecture on Arts 11:30 Lunch Break 01:00 Short introduction of the activity Activity 1 Individual Artwork 02:45 Break 3:00 Short introduction of the next activity Activity 2 Poster Making by Group 05:00 End of Day 1 Literary Workshop 08:30 Lecture on Short Story Writing Short Story Writing Activity 10:00 Break 10:15 Cont. of Short Story Writing Activity 10:45 Lecture on Essay Writing Essay Writing......

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...SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY, TOURISM AND CULINARY BACHELOR OF INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT HTM 2422 MICE MANAGEMENT BH 3/ SECTION 3 PROJECT DEVELOPMENT OF MICE EVENT PROPOSAL FULL NAME | GROUP | STUDENT ID NO. | 1. | Cindy Leo | 2. | Amira Zulkifli | LECTURER: LOW YEE SIEW SUBMISSION DATE: 31 MAY 2012 CONTENTS Introduction | | Theme | | Itinerary | | Budget | | Balance Sheet | | Sponsorship | | Floor plan | | | | | | I am beautiful, confident and independent “I AM BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT AND INDEPENDENT” is a workshop designed for women whom which do not acquired high self-orientation. We aim to make you feel welcome in a comfortable, friendly and relaxing environment, so you can escape from stressful, fast-cycle of everyday life. We’re going to make you familiarize yourself with a good self-confidence and outsourcing all the capability that they have. This concept is actually to convince and make them believe that women have rights to be beautiful and independent, not only by outside or physical but also by inside because outer look will never be perfect without the true beauty, wise mind with kind hearts. We also will be helping women to build and show them to the world that women nowadays are able to stand up and believe that they could stand on their own without depending on others or in other word, do not fear challenges, and prove them that the girl power are really exist. This workshop will be...

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