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History Test Review Chapter 1-6

Vikings were the 1st white men to come to America, but not intently

Archeological remains were found in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Christopher Columbus effectively discovered America in 1492

Tried to find a water way to the East

Queen gave him 3 ship

Spanish completed the Grenada in 1492

“ “ ran the Muslims and Jews out of Spain

3 S’s
Silk, Sugar, Spices

Conquistadors (Spanish Conquerors)- wanted gold and silver

Natives had gold and silver

Magellan was the 1st to get around the Cape of Storms

2 Types of Tribes
Caribe- were cannibals ate arawaks

Cortez conquered Aztec- Mexico

Pizzaro conquered Incas- Peru

1580s- English made a colony on the outer banks of NC

English and Scottish were not merged to British until 1707

Language of ancient Anglos merged with Saxon for Anglo-Saxon

Irish- Catholic

Scotch/Irish- Protestant

Sir Walter Raleigh planted potato in England

Leader of Virginia- John White

Virginia’s capital was named after the King, Jamestown, in 1607

John Smith found the settlement of Jamestown

1588- Spanish Armada attacked England

All colonies were founded with private money

John Rolf brought in Tobacco (married Pocahontas)

1st English settlement in America was Virginia

House of Burgesses (1st form of gov’t/ legislature)
1st boat load of women
1st boat load of slaves

Grog- half rum and water

1620- Plymouth- settled by Pilgrims (Mass.)

Pilgrims were related to Puritans

Puritans settled Boston, then called Mass. Bay, in 1630

Pilgrims and Puritans founded the Congregational Church

Rhode Island spun off from Mass.- founded by Roger Williams- a Baptist

Baptist believed in freewill ( your choice)

Congregational believed in predestination (God made the decisions)

“Elect”- chosen to go to heaven by God (Congregational)

New York founded by Dutch (English took over in 1664)

Delaware founded by Swedish

Log Cabin was new architecture brought over by Swedes

Half-timbering- England

Wattle and Dobb (log cabin=half-timbering)

Pennsylvania was settled by Quakers

Quakers did not believe in:
Slavery, war, or fighting

Quaker founder was William Penn

Maryland founded by Lord Baltimore who was Catholic

Maryland was set up for a Catholic Refuge

Mason and Dixon were English surveyors

1st North Carolinians drifted in from Virginia

1670- South Carolina was founded

SC was founded by King Charles II

North Carolina was subsistence farmers that grew corn

South Carolina farmed rice

SC was the wealthiest colony


Anglicans- Episcopal/ I of England-deceuters

Catholics- Lord Baltimore

Oglethorpe founded Georgia

Deceuters anybody who dissented from the Church of England

Presbyterian- Scotland- John Knox

King George War--the English took over Nova Scotia moved out the Acadians who became the Cajuns

French and Indian War-- George Washington and Radick, war was a victory for the British, most of it was fought in Union County along the Tiger River

Temperance (Cut Back)

Prohibition (Not Allowed)

Bacons Rebellion 1676

Triangular Trade

New England Caribbean Africa (slaves) Middle Passage

“Old Lights”-Congregational emerged to Unitarianism- who believed God was 1

Unitarian (related to Emerson and Thoreau)
Opposed slavery
Upper class
Very liberal

“New Lights” Great Awakening--------masses (also known as Great Revival)

George Whitefield--Great Awakening

Ben Franklin- Enlightenment (upper class, more educated, founding fathers)

2 eco-systems collided and the Columbian Exchange

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