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1. How do the principal musical manifestations found in sub-Saharan Africa reflect the collective community and encourage group participation?

Music in sub-Saharan Africa reflects the collective community and encourages group participation because it is an important part of the culture. The music is linked to many traditions, celebrations, and rituals. There are three musical manifestations of a collective community in the Sub-Saharan African. They are dance, call and response and polyrhythm. The Call and response is very popular. The chorus repeats a fixed refrain in alternation with a lead singer, who then has more freedom to improvise. This makes the music conversational and encouraged group participation.

2. How is polyrhythmic music created in sub-Saharan Africa?

Polyrhythmic music is created when two or more locally independent attack patterns are superimposed, is realized by handclaps, xylophones, rattles, and a variety of tuned and non tuned drum, by handclaps, xylophones, rattles, and a variety of tuned and non tuned drums. The African polyrhythm is the noticeable steadiness of the resultant rhythmic pattern. Pitch polyphony exists in the form of parallel intervals overlapping solo-choral response, and occasional simultaneous independent melodies. In addition to voice, many wind and string instruments perform melodic functions.

3. In what ways do Jùjú and other types of popular music in sub-Saharan Africa draw on traditional music for inspiration?

After World War II, musician in Nigeria began incorporation electric instrument in their juju recording. The juju was an important musical means of expressing Nigerian cultural identity, especially for the Yoruba population.

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