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World of Dogs Proposal

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Carl Lee
World of Dogs Proposal
For my project I have decide to research paper on the abuse of domesticated dogs. There are hundreds of cases every across the world. Many dogs are treated horrible and some are even eatin. In most cases when dogs are saved they will suffer from a mental stress disorder from traumatic experiences with previous owners. Some owners abandon their pets which ultimately lands them dead, or in an animal shelter. Most shelter will euthanize animals that do not get adopted within a certain amount of time. There are also those who hurt these animals for fun or enjoyment. The reason I am so interested in this topic is because of many articles I have read, and the pictures I have seen. I once seen an article about a Dog Festival in China where they kill and cook, sometimes alive, dogs. It is a horrible thing to do to these animals who are born with loving hearts. I believe that there are no bad dogs only bad owners. The owner of dog are the ones that change the whole perspective of how dogs are viewed. I always hear people talk about how certain breeds are evil. I don't believe that and I will also like to hear the perspective of those whose careers have to do with dogs.
I plan on going to visit an animal, as well as a veterinarian. these are simple sources I can make an appointment with a walk in. They will also be on of the biggest and most reliable sources since they deal with dogs every day. I will also talk to those who I've have know to have a mentally damaged pet dog. These a sweet and beautiful creatures that I want to learn more about to help prevent sad and tragic happenings.

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