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The Wonderful World of Literature

The Wonderful World of Literature Reading literature can be fun, educational, and exciting if you have the ability to lose yourself inside of the story. Literature is what you interpret it to be through short stories, poems, and written plays. There are many approaches you can use to help you understand literature. The reader’s response is one of the best ways to help you understand literature because it forms question based around your interest in the story. Based on author (Shapiro, 2010), his comment on literature was “just as people generate causal explanations for social events around them, story readers usually generate inferences about causality of events when reading a story.” I always try to create my own imaginary world to help me lose myself inside the story. “When you allow reading to unlock your imagination, your connection sets the stage for intellectual engagement.” (Clugston, 2012). I have read several forms of literature during a homework reading assignment and there was one story that stood out in my opinion. The story called “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” written by James Thurber. This story was great because it made me create images in my mind as I was reading the story. This story contained two key ingredients that I love to relate to when I am reading. A character with a imagination and can find humor in their daily activities with the real world.
I was able to lose myself in his thoughts as his imagination ran wild throughout his adventure to accomplish missions for his wife. I was also able to relate to his sarcastic answers he gave his wife when she asked many questions. I like to use a process when reading to help me understand the story and what connections I have to the story. The type of analytical approach I love to...

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