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World View Chart Week 9

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Religion | Origin of All Things | Nature of God | View of Human Nature | View of Good and Evil | View of “Salvation” | View of After Life | Practices and Rituals | Celebrations and Festivals | Week 2Hinduism and Jainism | Collective Indian religions grouped together. | There are three major groupings: Shaktas who worship a Mother Goddess, Shaivites who worship the god Shiva, and Vaishnavites who worship the god Vishnu | The view of human nature is based on the Vedas. | When it comes to good and evil, everything comes down to Karma. Action and the consequences of those actions. Every thought, desire and act shapes future experiences. | There are many paths to salvation. They work to achieve moksha (liberation) from time, matter, and space through realization of the immortal absolute. | Depending on their karma and spiritual development, death may result in being reborn in another physical form in the earthly realm, suffering in one of eight hells, or joining other liberated souls in the highest level of heaven. Suffering in one of the eight hells is not eternal, once a soul is severely punished it is reborn in another form. | There are sixteen Hindu rites prescribed in the Vedas to purify and sanctify the person in their journey through life, including rites at conception, the braiding of the pregnant mother’s hair, birth, name-giving, beginning of solid food, starting education, investing boys with a sacred thread, first leaving the family home, starting studies of Vedas, marriage and death.Jain daily rituals include prayer, repenting for sins and violence, self-control through meditation, going without something pleasurable, paying respect to the monks and worship. | Hinduism honors the divine in so many ways that almost every day a religious celebration is being held in some part of India. The central government honors sixteen religious holidays so that...

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