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World War Ii Germany

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World War II Germany Research Report

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World War II Germany Research Report

Hundreds of philosophers and historians possess many concern of how the modern world has come into being. Many issues from The Great War to World War II have effects many societies today. My paper will trace the rise of totalitarianism in Germany between 1918 and 1939, and the contrast to political developments in Great Britain, France and the United States. My paper will explain the Holocaust in context with World War II and Western ideals, including the roots of anti-Semitism and intolerance of those considered inferior in Germany also an explanation of The Final Solution. My paper talks about the aftermath of World War II in Germany. After World War I, the German government was facing thousands of difficult problems as society search for someone to blame for the defeat in the First World War. Extremists from all sides sent threats to revolts. The extreme inflation causes thousands of Germans to have faith in the German government. Hitler gains control of the Nazi party in the 1920s and organization, which is anti-Semitic. Hitler gains popular political credibility by placing the responsibility on the Jews for Germany’s defeat in the First World War. Hitler also blames Jews for Germany’s economic problems. What is less understood are the political conditions associated with the rise of Hitler and fascism? Hitler informs the Germans that they belong to a superior race, which is meant to rule the world, better known as the Aryan race. Hitler had already started his political career in 1919, and had been influenced by this kind of Pan-German thinking. The great Depression causes the unemployment rate to rise; thousands of desperate people began to trust Adolf Hitler and the German government again....

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