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June 2, 2014
Worldview Assignment

Every human being has a worldview. They may not know exactly what that is but every person has an idea of how they think about things and what they believe in. Our worldview makes up the way we think, feel, and act upon certain issues in life. The environment in which we are raised has a lot to do with our worldview. Most people gain their way of thinking through the ways their parents think about issues in life. For example, parents can have a certain political party they align with and growing up the child can feel like they lean the same way but after learning and understanding the issues on both sides they can decide to change their minds on which party they feel best suits them.
The media and the people that surround them also can have a major effect on a person’s worldview. Music, television, and internet paly important factors in the learning and growing process of children. They can use their popularity to make a person feel a certain way which can make them associate themselves with a crowd or idea. The friends and other people they are in contact with can also affect a person’s worldview. People constantly share ideas and communicate them to each other which can influence the way they think. Hopefully, the media and people they are interacting with have a good message to share so that the person can have a worldview that is inspiring and good in nature.
The origin of the universe and of man has long been a question in the civilized world. People want to know where we came from, how we got here, and how the place we inhabit was formed. There are many ways to go about answering these questions and the Christian worldview is based upon theism. Theism states that everything was created by God: people and the universe. It all exists because of Him. The bible states that God did in fact create the...

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