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Part I: What is a worldview: The word itself is getting more and more popular in today culture. Everybody has a worldview, whether or not they realize it. Worldview is set by what we see, hear, think, from your education, your culture and media the list goes on and on. Your thinking and bias thoughts affect the way we view things in life and the reality around us. Example of this would be is to say that there a type of car, no matter the year, mode or color and too me it would be considered a wonderful beautiful car in my eyes no matter what anybody else view of it is. So we all see things different in our own worldviews.

Part II: Articulate the biblical/Christian world view:
1. The question of Origin: In the worldview in the bible says, God created heavens and the earth. Which is in detail in Genesis 1:1. In Psalm 19:1 it talks about God and the cosmos with meaning and humans beings and all the universe should be conceived and interpreted as a sign of God, his glory and his power.
2. The question of Identity: The worldview says that god created man. This is well known from Genesis. Also, the saying god created mankind above the animals and man was created. This is all back up in the Psalm.
3. The question of Meaning/Purpose: Is in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge stated in colossians. Knowledge is the purpose and meaning as stated in Psalm state that true knowledge can only be acquired by a reverenced submission to the living God.
4. The question of Morality: The morality meaning deals with right and wrong that we do not believe that faith is either blind or without evidence stated in Ephesians. God implores people to test for truth as stated in Deuteronomy. God is letting us judge right from wrong for are self in are path down life.
5. The question of Destiny: Jesus will pronounce the destiny of every person as is…...