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Worldwide Hospitality Industry

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Aleena Iqbal The Worldwide Hospitality Industry Hospitality and Travel

FdA Hospitality and Travel Management
The Worldwide Hospitality Industry
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Aleena Iqbal/10451742 Tutor Name: Clare Dodsley Date: 9th April 2014

What is the Hospitality Industry? Hospitality in itself means kindness in welcoming guests or strangers and Barrows and Powers (2008, p5) suggest it is an industry that is broad and varies ranging from single-person organisations such as Restaurants and Bars to worldwide corporations. The Industry includes many different sectors within it including Food & Beverage, Accommodation as well as the Travel and Tourism sector. According to People1st State of The Nation Report (2013, pp.24-25) the industry has more than 80 different jobs to offer and as a whole currently employs 2,076,000 people, where Restaurants remain the largest employed sector. Unfortunately, over the recent years, some issues have been encountered within the hospitality Industry including Customer Loyalty, Information Technology (IT) and Recruitment and Retention, which have had a negative impact within the industry as a whole. Hence, this review will attempt to identify and analyse these current issues, developments and potential trends in the Hospitality Industry, exploring possible ways to overcome these.

One important issue that has been identified within the Hospitality Industry is the issue of Customer loyalty. This is because it’s a source of motivation to companies in order for them to generate revenue and remain competitive in the market. For instance, a Hotel would welcome customers to accommodate them and their needs but however, in any case if a...

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