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June 28, 2015
Written by Michelle Iane Garcia

S.M.I.L.E. Greetings Magandang umaga po sa bawat isa!

Napakagandang simulan ang bawat umaga ng may pagpapasalamat sa ating puso sa buhay na handog ng Diyos kasabay ng ngiti sa ating mga labi. Kaya wag na rin natin palampasin ang sandaling ito para batiin ang ating mga kapatid sa Panginoon. Kaya sige po, tumayo po tayo lahat, lumibot tayo at batiin, kamayan at yakapin po natin ang ating mga kapatiran. (allow everyone to move around) Tunay na napakaligaya na magkakasama tayo sa araw na ito para sa iisang layunin: ang ibigay ang pinakamataas na papuri sa Diyos.


Magtatapos na naman ang isang buwan sa linggong ito pero ang pagpapala at pagmamahal ng ating Panginoon ay walang katapusan. Sabi nga sa Isaiah 40, the Lord is an everlasting God, the creator of heaven and earth. Our respond should be to serve the Lord with gladness!! Let us all come into the Lord's presence today with singing and let us know that the Lord is good as we meet with Him today in praise and worship.

(musicians position to stage)

OPENING PRAYER (Prayer Focus: Focus on who God is – that He is all-knowing, all-present and all-powerful. That He is willing and able to work wonders in our lives and in the church)

(Worship Leaders position on stage toward the end of the opening prayer.)

(CCC Band Team: Right after the Singing Don’t cut the flow of music.)
(Reiterate the words that describe God from the line-up songs sang.)

Then end with this:

Worship Leader: Palakpakan po natin ang Panginoon. (Pause) Lahat ng papuri ay sa ating Diyos! (Pause) Let us remain standing for the reading of the Scriptures. May I call on _______________.

SCRIPTURE READING (Multimedia Operator, make sure to flash the verse ______________.) (Look for the projector for the verse. Multimedia Operator, make sure to flash the verse.)
Let us open our Bible in the book of ______ chapter ___ verses _____. Again, the scripture text we are going to read will be found in _______________. (Pause to see if everyone has found the text). Let us read this responsively. Women will read the first verse and then the men. And in the last verse, let us read in unison. (After reading the verse) The Lord blesses the reading of the His Word. Let us now be seated.

MESSAGE Ptr. HermieLadua

Song of Response Music Team

TITHES & OFFERING COLLECTION Multimedia Operator: Flash Psalm 34:8a
“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Para po sa ating tithes and offering, sabi po sa Psalm 34:8a. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” God’s Word teaches us that God loves to give blessings on His children. It’s who He is. It’s His nature. And when we joyfully bless God with our gifts and talents, tithes and offering, we experience Him. We taste and see that the Lord is good. We understood that it gives God great joy in bestowing resources and powers on His children.
(Prayer Focus: Acknowledge that God is the source of all kinds of gifts and fountain of blessing.)

(Greetings of Visitors/Guests – encourage them to come back next Sunday)

(Greetings of Bday& Anniversary Celebrants. Prayer to be led by __________________)

(Other Ministry Opportunities) 1.



4. Prayer Meeting. For this week’s memory verse, it is found in the book ________.

(Before standing in front, make sure to collect ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS from different ministries. Mention the ministry opportunities one by one, paying particular attention to specific details- time, date, venue. Make sure leader is coordinated with the Multimedia Operator for the slides. Also, REFRAIN DOING UNNECESSARY ACTIONS AND COMMENTS. Thank You.)


Warning: Please do not show this publicly or leave anywhere. Kindly return it to the Worship Program Assistant right afterthe service. Thank you.

Warning: Please do not show this publicly or leave anywhere. Kindly return it to the Worship Program Assistant right afterthe service. Thank you.

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