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Would You Hire Your Husband

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Would You Hire Your Husband?
There are significant pros and cons to hiring your husband to work in your business. If it’s you and him against the world, and your success is his success and you are working toward common goals, share challenges, triumphs and the revenues and grow as a couple as you grow the business then it is a plus side. On a very practical level, having your husband in your employ can make managing household considerations more flexible. You may be able to schedule one of you to work from home. You’ll be able to allow each other extra work time on weekends, or extra home time on weekdays, with mutual and greater understanding of the need for it. When your husband works for you, you don’t have to worry about whether his boss will understand a family commitment, or whether his wife will understand a professional one. Over the years, this kind of flexibility can really add to your quality of life.
On other hand, If your marriage breaks up, he could take a lot of the business in a divorce. If your husband was employed by you or your company, or contributed in any way to its success, he’ll be entitled to a significant percentage. The greater his involvement in your business, the bigger that percentage will be. Hiring your husband gives him access to important company information, such as trade secrets, costs, suppliers, customers, etc. Naturally, no one blinks an eye about this kind of information sharing while you’re allies. But if you divorce, look out. Your ex could open a competing business.
Whether or not to hire your husband is a decision only you can make. You know yourself, and you know him but where business is concerned, “Think Financially, Not Emotionally” first and foremost, and do what’s right for your ownership interest in the company.

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