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Would You Sell Your Town for a Beer Ad?

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I found two very interesting articles about a current controversial subject concerning a small ski town in Crested Butte, Colorado and Anheuser-Busch. The articles are about Anheuser-Busch basically taking over the town for a three day Bud Light party for what started out to be for $250k has now turned into half a million dollars.
This is a difficult decision to make for these small seasonal towns that make all of their money during the tourist season and then struggle the rest of the year to make ends meet. When Mayor Huckstep, of Crested Butte, Colorado approved the event, it was a tough decision. With the help of other members of the community, he felt it best for the economy of the small town.
Many of the small town folk are in an uproar of how this will change their small, close knit community. That they will lose their quiet, quaint atmosphere. Anheuser-Busch plans to fly in 1,000 young adults and they have already painted the streets, light posts and many other things blue to publicize the Bud Light event.
I believe this is a great strategy to boost the economy of these small seasonal towns to generate an income. This event will bring in lots of jobs for the town people which they really need during their slow season. Not to mention the half a million dollars Anheuser-Busch is calling a “donation”.
Large companies like Anheuser-Busch will continue to advertise and produce commercials and I like that they are giving the opportunity to small seasonal towns in need of the revenue.
Would you sell your town for a beer ad?

Turkewitz, Julie. “Town Becomes a Beer Ad, but Residents Don’t Feel Like a Party” New York Times, 4 Sept. 2014. Web

Badger, Emily. “A serious policy question: Should you sell your town for a beer ad?” Washington Post, 5 Sept. 2014.…...

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