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Process Improvement Project Title: Wound Vac Form Project Date: 02/01/2011
Department: P4 Nursing Contact Phone Number: 26650/6655
Team Contact Name: Evelyn Johnson and Tequicha Price E-mail address:

1. What is the project purpose, Aim statement?
The purpose of this project is to keep log of all wound VAC’s that the unit has ordered as well as returned.

2. What are the main causes of the problem?

Our unit manager had been notified that a wound VAC was discontinued on 10/02/2009 from a patient and now it was missing. So this meant that unless the equipment was found our unit will be charged for it.

3. What was the baseline level of performance?

As of April 2012 the unit has not had any missing wound Vac since the project has started . We created a form to help keep track of all wound Vac that has been on the unit. Even if a surgical patient comes to the unit with a wound Vac we ensure that the unit clerk knows about the Vac and we begin to keep log of the Vac when it comes to the unit.

4. What was the solution?

We have created a form that has to be faxed to PSPD when a wound VAC is needed and when the wound VAC is discontinued.

5. What was the measured improvement of the solution?

The measurement of improvement has been great we have not no missing wound Vac since this project started.

6. How will the improvement be maintained and monitored over time?

Since October 2009 the unit was charged for a wound Vac that was missed placed. We created a form and keep track of all wound Vac, beds, and any other type of special equipment to ensure that this problem would not occur again.Our unit has placed a folder on the unit so once the wound VAC gets discontinued the nurse will fax the form to PSPD and place the form is the binder located on both pods by the ISC desk.…...