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1. Socrates states that “I regard such theories as no doubt attractive, but as the invention of clever, industrious people” implying that he disagrees with the men of science who just have the plain view of scientific and probability account of how the maiden was blown by a gust of boreas instead of finding the real truth about the appearance of centaurs and countless other remarkable monsters of legend flocking in them. He also mentions that “to reduce every one of them to the standard of probability, he’ll need a deal of time for it. I myself have certainly no time for the business” implying that he has no interest on science and probability view besides the truth itself. 2. -How then are we to distinguish one who loves from one who does not?
-Whether one should preferably consort with a lover or a nonlover?
Socrates explains that there are two sorts of ruling or guiding principle that our brains follow. One is an innate desire for pleasure, the other an acquired judgment that aims at what is best. When our brain guides rationally toward what we think fits our view best, that is when we define the name given to that rule. 3. Socrates argues that Lysias’s speech is more about fundamental theories rather than logical features. This is described when Socrates said “Are you and I required to extol the speech not merely on the score of its author’s lucidity”. In Greek etymology, the word author symbolizes poems and poems relates to art which contains more about our sense rather than our brains. Socrates indeed, however, agreed with Lysias feeble intelligence in expressing consistently precise and well-polished vocabulary. He just argues about the contents quality and expatiation at length on single theme and mentions the same things several times over.

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