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Public Relations Research
Comm 3000 Syllab us Jan uary 1
I n s t ru c t o r : Z h u o B a n E m ai l : b a n z u @ u c m a i l . u c. e d u O f f i c e : M c M i c k e n H a l l R o o m 11 9 C O f f i c e h o u rs : T / R b y a p p o i n t m e n t


Course Objectives
Unfortunately, no one can learn all there is to learn about research. Thousands of research methods have been created and used already, and thousands more are being developed as we speak. No, this course won’t teach you all you need to know about PR research. It will, however, provide you with an overall picture about the most popular research tools and practices. Students will be guided through a number of hands-on research projects that help them to develop a basic skill set to tackle the research (related) tasks most commonly issued to PR professionals. More essentially, students are encouraged to contemplate the philosophy of research for PR. It sounds abstract, but a philosophy of research provides answers to such important, and practical, questions as: When to conduct research? Who should be included in the research process? To what end should the research be carried out?

1 Course Objectives 2 Course Material 3 Course Requirements 4 Expectations 5 Class Schedule

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:
• Explain how public-relations professionals frame research questions, set goals and objectives, and select the best methods to answer specific research questions; Plan and implement a research program for a client that addresses a public relations problem; Use written and verbal communication skills to report research results and suggest actions that a client can take to address a public relations problem.

• •

Course Material
Text book: Primer of Public Relations Research, by Don W. Stacks (Second Ed., 2011). NOT the outdated first edition from...

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