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Personal Experience Essay
Wrap It Up
As a child you never really think about or understand all the things that will take place during your life. I mean of course you plan out some your immense ideas and dreams. Since we are so young and very much naive we never visualize the trials and sacrifices to come. If you told me when I was twelve and sneaking around my father’s cramped East Chicago apartment looking at his many exotic movies. I would have several experiences with early pregnancy before I was nineteen I could not have believed you. That my freshman year of high school I would have unprotected sex with my stepfather’s granddaughter upstairs in my sister’s room on the floor. And lure her into this act a bundle of times before my sophomore year in high school. One night as I wait till everyone falls asleep as usual whenever she comes over. To finally get her alone in my sister’s room on their floor. I reach my goal as expected she never made it hard for me, and in some way I want to thank her. Creeping hoping not to make too much noise, my parents would do what only God knows. Stopping for any sounds because the fear a” Thud” of footsteps coming up stairs brings would have practically sent me into shock. I remember how she moaned so slight just enough to let me know that she enjoyed the love I gave. And I returned the favor by continuing to give. It got to the point where it felt as if I was about to arrive and when it came time to pull out I did not know if I had released inside her. And for the next few months I was a very troubled teenager. I would not go a day without thinking a call would come through and deliver the news that I impregnated my Stepfather’s granddaughter and how was I going to fix this? There is a saying that “God will not put no more on you than you can handle” and I believe that I surely could not have handled that situation. And it’s crazy that I still did not learn that lesson from the hell of a scare it gave me! It took my sister walking in on us for me to stop messing around with her when she came over. I really did not know why she kept apologizing to my sister it was really annoying. Had to thank the lord that she did not expose us for what we were doing. Still you can never keep a secret from your mother and she does know what happen in her home, however she never told her husband. My next accident with letting lust get the best of me put me into an even worse dilemma. I had two young ladies that I was talking to between the summer of my freshman year and the beginning of my junior. And I was still having unprotected sex most of the time with one of these girls at the end of our relationship. After we broke up she asked me to get back with her I did not but we had intercourse one last time. I was done with her and she still wanted a relationship with me. So I just stopped everything cut off all contact with her. It was a wonderful feeling not being caught up in her stressful trap. Just when I thought I was done with her for good, she shows up again. I was at barber shop up the street from my home. I had just got out the chair had a fresh cut feeling good, looking good. Nothing could bring me down then my cellphone rings this number was not saved in my phone, though I somehow knew who it was. Hoping it was not about what I thought it might be about “Julien I went to the doctor the doctor said I am pregnant”. I thought I wanted to die, should I run away all, maybe just not claim her all of these running through my head at the thought of being a young father. With a girl I know I did not want to spend any more of my life with. So I had to negotiate for my right to be a kid she wanted to be with me and I wanted to be free from early parenthood. We made an agreement that I would get back with her only if she abort the child. So I spent the rest of that day and the next talking to her pumping her up, convincing her, assuring her we would be together when and only when she aborts the child. It was all a lie I would have never gotten back with her just words to make sure my future was secure. Well she said she went an aborted the child but she may have never been pregnant in the first place who knows. Still not even two days later after I hear I might be a father. I have the other young woman I was talking to come pick me up in her dad’s 1998 black Mercedes Benz. To go spend some quality time, she picked up some Sonics on the way back to her house but I did not want any. So we get back to her house she puts the car back in the garage and we head upstairs she has a nice home a decent sized home I liked her house. We go up to her room 106 and Park’s on the television don’t remember how we got our clothes off but soon we were under the covers together as close as we could be participating in sex. It was so tight it had never been that tight and before long it was over. And little did I know she was a virgin and it was her first time which she lied to me about. So the next day at school she was nervous and unsure of things which made her take birth control from her friend and use them. Meaning practically I could have had gotten two girls pregnant from not protecting myself and them. I have no children to this day thankfully. My last misfortune was a more recent one me and the girl were friends from the past. She came back into my life in the latter half of my junior year and we began talking and soon established a relationship. We broke up months later and continued to talk off and on. She invited me to her graduation and I invited her to mine we started hanging out again right before she left for school. We practiced safe sex from the start and she was a firm believer in condoms. So it was never a question before that she was pregnant or anything. She was beautiful chocolate sister with a bright future and we both knew we did not want her stuck with me and I understood this. So I never pressured her into trying intercourse without protection even though she was on birth control prescribed by her doctor to weaken her menstrual cycle. During the summer of 2011 before she left for school we started to get sexually active again. One night while we started to fool around on my bed with my door closed and the house full with my parents and sisters minding their own business. I start her off and this was would turn out to be the last time I see her. I thought that so I had to give her something to remember so I was not stopping when she told me slow down, Julien I can’t take it or anything else. Somehow we ended up on the floor and it was getting really good and that oh so familiar feeling started to show itself. But this time it had felt a little different a little better than the usual crazy night me and Deanna shared. I actually felt myself come out of the condom around the time it was too late and I was not quitting now. It had been two years since I had unprotected sex and I had been mistaken for thinking the condom popped before when it had not. So I did not really think it did this time when we finished she turned on the light and I looked at the condom it was hole on the side of the tip big enough to stick your index finger through. I did not say anything I did not know what to say I just looked at the condom in the light and she just looked at me. Did it pop she finally uttered after what seemed like forever. Yeah I said, so glad she said something because I did not know how to say it and might not of told her without her speaking up. She was about to panic but this would be ok we hurried up and got dressed and took her car to Walgreen's to pick up the Plan B pill. We got there before it was too late it was around nine or ten. She took the two pills and we waited for her to obtain that time of the month, two weeks later she received it. In Conclusion I learned that practicing safe sex is a must in this day and age. And even using condoms does not mean you are safe. I learned that I was still a child and not ready to take on the responsibility of raising one. This was an important lesson to learn because a lot of teenagers figure this out when it’s too late an early parenthood is no joke. These experiences have had a very strong and positive effect on my life I do not believe in unprotected sex and it made me more secure with sexual decisions I make. Most girls respect if a guy wants to use a condom and I have been practicing celibacy since my last experience. This made me reflect on being a father and how I want to be able to give my child a better life, when I am ready. It kind of burned me and terrified me and I never want to go through another one of these situations I can’t take the knots in my stomach anymore. These experiences have forever changed my life and I plan on staying to what I have said with safe sex.

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