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Nursing job is one of the most promising job fields. According to nursing jobs are projected to grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022. Nurses can work at many different places such as, nursing home, hospitals, and clinics, rehab, schools, home health care, and assisted living homes Hospice facilities Correctional institutions, and other long-term care facilities. Certified nursing assistant’s make averaged of $25,620 a year. Their job title provides basic support in medical environments, performing duties such as dressing, bathing, feeding or transporting patients in need. Basic high school diploma and state certifications are needed for this particular nursing job. Licensed Practical nurse is another job title in the …show more content…
Think critically and problem solve. Maintain excellent speaking and writing skills. Excel in environments that require an intense amount of quick, decisive decisions. Most Registered Nurses have a Flexible Schedules Most Registered Nurses work 12 hour shifts 3 days per week. In addition, some Registered Nurses that work weekends only work Saturday and Sunday but get paid the same as the 3 day shift nurses. This means this job field provides you with more money and time. These career paths are extremely flexible. Another reason becoming a nurse is rewarding is Health Insurance: Because you are in the business of healthcare, most Registered Nursing Jobs offer comprehensive health insurance plans for you and your family. As a nurses you also receive more paid time off of work, to spend with family are friends. Study shows that nurses have more job options all over the world because people get sick everywhere and need help from people in the nursing field. I found in my research that many nurses are in the nursing field to help people, I’ve also found out that not everyone can become a nurse, due to lack of passions. As a nurse you might have the chance to save someone’s life whether it be your life are even one of your family members

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