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Hey, Facebook and Twitter friends and fellow comic enthusiasts. I’ve just discovered a new web site where you can contact comic legends and up and coming stars in the comic industry. Virtual Inks Inc. was founded by legend, and 29 year veteran artist/inker Mark McKenna. Mark has worked for Marvel & DC and has inked and penciled over 500 comics in his career. He’s been behind some of our favorite characters' greatest appearances. His lines are fluid and contrasting; they refine any pencils he is inking. He has a knack for making anything he touches simply better. The studio includes artist Victor Castro who is new to comics, but has a style that is reminiscent of the modern age of comics. He uses a blend of many artist of that genre, including John Byrne, Walter Simonson, John Romita and Sal Busema. Victor is a man of many talents, he has the capabilities to be able to take a project in any phase and bring it to completion. Victor is working now on the Hero’s Initiative project “X-Men Battle of the Atom” Finally there are two up and coming artist that will someday be the glue to the comic world. Whether it be through web comics, digital or print you will soon know their names. Nikkol Jelenic is an up and coming female artist whose talent is raw but refined. She’s an amazing young talent who has a bright future. Her style is like that of a young Rob Liefeld or Erick Larsen. She has a raw grit like David Mack. The final artist in the studio is Michael Openhiemer. Michael is also new to comics but says that art is in his blood, and I have to agree with him. Michael has a natural ease to his work and his use of water colors make his pencils pop. Virtual Inks Inc. is your one stop shop for everything art, from commissions to helping you make your script come to life. I have included some pencils and inks to show just how talented the VII folks really are. Contact them today at or

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...Quantitative Research Critique This is a critique on the article “Does Enteral Contrast Increase the Accuracy of Appendicitis Diagnosis?”, written by Latifi, A. et al in 2011. Appendicitis is the most common abdominal emergency and occurs most often between the ages of ten and twenty years old and more frequently in men (Rybkin, 2007). It was once thought that appendicitis was related to an obstruction of the appendix, therefore it was logical to use contrast enema and fluoroscopy to diagnose. Later on, contrast enema and oral contrast was continued in combination with computed tomography (CT) to diagnose appendicitis and this method has been continuously explored with published studies. After the development of high-resolution multidetector, researchers have suggested that the use of enteral contrast was unnecessary. The objective of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of the multidetector CT for diagnosing appendicitis in relation to enteral contrast. Protection of Human Participants The participants in the study were all fifteen years or older. The local ethical committee approved the study. Informed consent was not needed because the study was retrospective and did not violate patient privacy in Sweden. There were no risks noted because of the study since the CT scan was a routine test that was done prior to the data being collected. Data Management and Analysis Two hundred and forty six examinations were retrospectively selected for this study that took place at...

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