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Writer Autobiography When it comes to writing, it may be captivating and enjoyable for some while being threatening and intimidating for others. Throughout my academic career, I have learned a great deal about writing. Starting from grade school all the way up until college, writing has been a fundamental part of my life. I have come to learn that from all my experiences and influences, I have been shaped into a descriptive writer. My strength in writing has always come from describing a situation in as much detail as I can. This shaping of mine has been characterized by certain events and certain people in my life, and it has helped give an identity of what type of writer I am and what type of student I am. In order to develop into an adequate writer with an identity for yourself, one must have been educated a certain way. For me, there was one person in particular that helped turn me into a comfortable descriptive writer. In my sophomore year of high school, my English 2 teachers’ name was Jeannette Maldonado. She, like many of her other peers, was a first year teacher, and I did not expect to get an adequate grasp of writing and literature because of her inexperience. However, Ms Maldonado turned out to be a major turning point in my writing life, as she would not only challenge her students on assignments, but would give constructive criticism and work with you to help develop your ideas. Up until that point, I had been just an average writer and really did not give much consent on improving my writing skills since the instructors that I had prior to her class were mediocre and too easy in a sense. Throughout that entire year, our class had to write about six essays in total, four of which were argumentative/expository type of essay topics. Her topics were ones that she herself would come up with, rather than copied ones from books. For each essay, she would...

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