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Writing Assignment: Adayana Automotive


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MARCH 31, 2014

Adayana makes e-learning happen. The firm develops interactive training programs delivered through websites and software as well as classroom-based courses. Adayana learning services include content development, strategic and marketing consulting, managed learning services, and technology integration. It targets specific vertical markets around the world such as food, agriculture, automotive services, government, and health care, with clients including Jiffy Lube, Goodyear, and the US Army.
In the specific case of Adayana Automotive, now simply Adayana since its 2009 merger with other companies and subsequent expansion into additional business lines. A decision to contract with it is, again, an economic or financial decision, but one solidly grounded in the dynamic nature of the automotive industry. Automotive technology is in a constant state of evolution, with new models of automobile and new types of automotive components and the incorporation of computer chips in cars represented a major technological innovation, placing a serious strain on the repair industry in terms of maintaining proficiency in car repair. The financial and organizational burden of maintaining in-house training and education programs to ensure that employees remain technically proficient can be prohibitive.
Under such circumstances, outsourcing to a company like Adayana, the business plan for which is entirely structured around finding cost-effective ways to train technicians for client companies, makes tremendous sense. In addition to the financial consideration, outsourcing to a company like Adayana has the advantage of immersing employees in another corporate culture, the exposure to which can be beneficial in terms both of improving technical proficiency

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