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The tip that I learned in the video that will help me and my classmates to be successful at University of Phoenix are very helpful, I learned a lot that I didn’t know just watching the videos, a lot of helpful information became clear to me, however I do realize I still have a lot to learn, and it can be overwhelming to try and keep everything all at one time, but I am still hopeful.

The Introduction video I learned the difference and the importance of the Forums, also the importance of the Syllabus and materials to stay organized.

The Classroom: I learned the importance of the Course Outline to help me organize my week, also I learned that I can go here to obtain the week by week to do list. I learned how important it is to view each link and the policies which apply to all classes, also the Tutorial are available to me. And that I should read over the objectives.

Discussion: Main Forum is where I discuss course topics with my classmates, and the importance of keeping the topic related to the topic or reply.

Assignments: Are the most important part of our grades. I learned that I can view and submit my assignments from anywhere. And all the weekly assignment is at my fingertip. I learned where to go to see what I submitted so for and where to find my grades, also I learned about the success message.

The Online Library: I learned about the different resources. The Center for Writing Excellence in order to help perfect a paper I will be asked to write.

Financial Aid: I learned about the different loans and grants available and the fact that Loans are to be paid back and grants are not, only borrow what you need to minimize the amount you will be asked to pay back.

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