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Title: Far but Not Different
I. Introduction
A. Hook
B. Connecting information
C. Thesis Statement: Despite the geographic and language differences between these two places, they share certain similarities such as the weather, people, and food.
II. Body Paragraph 1 (Point of comparison 1): Weather
A. Subject 1: In Miami
B. Subject 2: In Caracas
III. Body Paragraph 2 (Point of comparison 2): People
A. Subject 1: From Miami
B. Subject 2: From Caracas
IV. Body Paragraph 3 (Point of comparison 3): Food A. Subject 1: In Miami B. Subject 2: In Caracas
V. Conclusion

Far but Not Different

Have you ever realized how similar some cities are even though they are not located in the same territory? Caracas, the capital of Venezuela and a Spanish Speaking city, is located in South America, whereas Miami is located in the United States, an English speaking country. Although the information mentioned above is a well-known fact, both Miami and Caracas are not as different as they seem. Despite the geographic and language differences between these two places, they share certain similarities with respect to the climate, people, and gastronomy. First of all, Miami has the same weather conditions as Caracas. For example, both cities do not have four seasons because it does not snow in both places. Moreover, Miami and Caracas have not only a remarkable hot climate but also have a cold season with strong winds. The weather from these two places is extremely dry in April, May, and June, and it is also windy in December, January, and February. Even though both places have standards which mark the tendency of the weather, sometimes those patterns do not occur precisely. Therefore, it is said that Miami´s climate is as unpredictable as Caracas´s climate in some occasions. So it is better to have an umbrella in your car or purse because you never know when you will need it.
Furthermore, the people from Miami are as similar to Caracas´s people because they have certain common personality features. For instance, people from both cities are not only hard workers and proactive but also very closer with their families because they always take care of their relatives´ well-being. In addition, people from Miami and Caracas have a good sense of humor because they like to laugh and also make others laugh. Similarly, people from both cities are very open-minded and liberal. Never do they close the doors to new ideas, thoughts, opportunities, and also they like to savor new experiences and take risk. Because of that, it is complicated for neither people from Miami nor people from Caracas to get along with people from other cultures.
Finally, the gastronomy from both cities is not only delicious but also unchallenging to prepare. For example, people from Miami and Caracas love to eat steak. The preparation of the aliment is the same in both places. They flavor the meat with salt, pepper, steak or barbeque sauce, and cook it on the grill as well on the stove. People from both cities like to consume bacon, eggs, and pancakes, spaghetti which are not difficult to cook. Inhabitants from both places would rather eat and cook tasty plates with simple recipes than spend too much time preparing sophisticated dishes in the kitchen. Basically, the gastronomy of Miami and Caracas is constituted by plates with a high level of proteins and carbohydrates.
In conclusion, the cities of Miami and Caracas are similar in some aspects which are not very conspicuous. These common points are the climate, the feature of the people who live in these two places, and the gastronomy. In my opinion, these similar aspects are very beneficial for Venezuelan people because they are dealing with a hard situation right now in their country. As a consequence, people from Caracas and other parts of Venezuela are looking for a safe place where they can feel comfortable and secure. Therefore, Miami has been considered as an attractive alternative for moving out because it has all the condition which allows Venezuelan people to start or rebuild a new life with no problem at all.

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