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Writing Skills Positive and Negatives

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Cory Joyce
Mrs. Lapp, English 12
Preliminary Writing Assignment
31 August 2012 My writing skills have many positives and negatives, the positives would be I am good at research; I am also good at proofreading, revising, and editing. Even though my writing has some good quality to it, it also has some very bad areas that need major improvement in, such as hand writing, my hand writing has been bad ever sense I have been in school and it never seems to get better. Some other negative things about my writing skills are my introductions and conclusions, as well as my paragraphs with unity and coherence. My writing goals while being in English 12 this year is to become a better writer in all areas especially the ones that need major improvement.

There are many writing skills that I have confidence that I am good at and that I show it in my writing, such as research, I always organize my research accordingly to how the essay is being written so I find what I need efficiently and then move on the next part of the essay, I also know how to incorporate research material into the topic well so it mixes and the reader doesn’t feel that I am talking about a completely different subject. Another thing I am also good at is proofreading, I can proofread any kind of written work that needs proofread and can find what needs changed. I also do well with revising and editing, after proofreading a piece of work I can revise and change or edit what was wrong or should have been changed in the paper.

While I have many positive points to my writing skill I also have many negatives or areas that I can work on to improve my skills. The skills that I need to really work on is my handwriting, I have always had bad handwriting and it’s something that I don’t know how to exactly improve on because I write on a daily basis I don’t think I could just change how I write. Another...

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