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The power
of writing
The power
of writing
Writing Skills
Writing Skills
Milouska Solognier

Milouska Solognier

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Apple’s Headquarters
Cupertino, California 95014
United States of America

December 1, 2012

Apple team member

To our apple team member,

First of all Apple wants to thank you for your focus, dedication and the great job that you have done so far this year. We recognize your efforts to represent our brand in the best way possible each and every year.
As you all know, in September 2012 Apple launched a new mapping system for the new IOS6. We launched this new mapping system knowing it is a major initiative for Apple. Unfortunately, we fell short on our commitment with the launching of our new mapping system, causing many confusion and dissatisfaction between our customers. We are aware of this problem and we are immensely sorry for the stress and frustration this may have caused to your everyday job here at Apple.
We are working hard to make the customer experience even better and within days of the IOS6 release we managed to fix items on the mapping with the right name at the right place. We will be seeking outside help from mapping-technology firms and we are urging maps provider Tom Tom to fix some of the mistakes in the current map. Meanwhile this problem is being worked on; it is still possible to try alternatives like downloading Bing, MapQuest, Waze, Google or Nokia maps. It is also important to know that the more customers use the mapping system on the new IOS6, the better it will get.
We are addressing this problem actively and we are sure to have this matter established for our customers to have a better experience with our mapping system. We as Apple believe in your…...

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