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Writing to Aruge on Unform

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Dear, Head teacher
Although there are some valid points to abolish uniform, I wish to show that arguing for the introduction of uniform is crucial for success at school for students and teachers.
We believe that the introduction of uniform will improve children`s behavior at school, recent studies show that 90% of schools where students wear uniform have significantly improved results with smaller amounts of detentions then students who do not wear uniform. This strongly suggests to us that students who wear uniform in school have better attitude then students who do not wear uniform. On the other hand children believe that uniform takes away their identity, for example children like to express who they are. I strongly believe this is irrational because children expressing themselves can lead to conflicts with other students due to their identity.
In addition to what I have pointed out, another reason school uniform should be introduced is because of religious beliefs, i.e. in Islam Muslims believe that everyone is equal and should be treated equally. This implies to us that religious beliefs are a factor in introducing uniform because not introducing uniform may suggest to people that our school does not care about our faith and what we believe in. This may label our school as a fascist school by where the school only cares about what they want and not what the students want. Do you want our school to be judged like this? We would like to imply to you that the introduction of school uniform will enhance student`s concentration in class. Recent studies show that wearing uniform improves children`s concentration which will also improve their school work. In an opposing opinion students may say wearing uniform does not affect their concentration in class because they work hard in lesson. I strongly believe that this statement is a conspiracy because abolishing...

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