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The role of writing in financial field

As far as we are known, writing plays an important role in our daily life and is essential to all people from all walks of lives. Writing can prompt the fast development of the individual progress as well as their professional capacity as well. I am willing to come true this aim in the way of writing, so I do my best to interview a person, her name is Doris. We have the opportunity to pick up some techniques and significant skills in the way of giving question-- how to write in an appropriate way in some degree. Now, Doris is working in financial field. There is no doubt that we can learn some key points of how to write something in this field from her useful and important experiences. This assignment which is an informational report aims to give a brief introduction about the different genres of writings, then provide some useful instructions to her expected audience, what’s more, making those audience known that writing can convey unexpected reflection of our daily life in reality.

The importance of writing in financial
I have acquire that writing could promote her to achieve a lot of things during the process of her career such as data analysis, strategy decision making, and more about the international business. Moreover, Doris has spent 3 more years working in this field. And everyday, she takes one and a half to write. Meanwhile, she will try her best to finish her tasks, no matter how difficult the tasks are, she could overcome them, dares not any difficulties, the reason is that a firm requires to facing many risks and she could help to make decision if did well in this field. Peter F. Christoffersen said, “ financial firms take on a lot of market risks and thus reap profits (and losses)”(p. 4) during her works, she needs to use data to analyze the financial risks of the firm. The process is so...

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