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Written Assignment #1: Job Analysis

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Literature Reviews

All three articles reviewed: ‘Guidelines for Best Practice in the Use of Job Analysis Techniques’ by SHL GROUP, ‘What Happens If an Organization Doesn’t Conduct a Job Analysis?’ by Anaya Baldwin, Demand Media, and ‘Job Analysis’ created by the Canadian Job Bank, all fully support Job Analysis in ways such as creating a definition of a needed position, aligning current employees with jobs that match their work skills, creating standards which can be quantifiable, and setting realistic goals and expectations for employees.
The ‘Guidelines for Best Practice in the Use of Job Analysis Techniques’ article is very comprehensive from the beginning phases of what a job analysis is to special considerations, as well as different techniques. Like this course project, this article starts with stating that it is important to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for a person to perform a job. They state a wide range of ways in which to define the KSA’s, like observing current employees, having employees and managers fill out questionnaires, and interviewing employees of all levels to get input. Some interesting insight provided in this article is related to disability and job analysis. Taking into consideration the fact that the job analysis could be defined differently if a disabled candidate was considered for the position. They cite an example of a customer service call center where people answer the phones, if a deaf person were qualified for the job, they could change the description so that a person who is deaf could perform the same job on the computer using email. The article also goes into the many...

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