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Written task 2B

"If advertisers spent the same amount of money on improving their products as they do on advertising then they wouldn't have to advertise them."

I personally don’t agree with the statement above. In today’s world most companies target popularity more than quality; but why? It’s simple…because we now live in a society in which people, especially teenagers, follow trends; not because they really like them, but because they want to fit in with the “group”. If you asked someone to name a random watch brand, this person is probably going to answer something like “Rolex or swatch”, two brands that spend more than half of their money in publicizing their product than to make it better.
A really good example could be “Beats”…for a long time this has been an earphones and speaker’s brand that everybody likes and knows. the problem is that on an international list of the top brands in this field, it is at the 17th place. Even after Apple, which is know for it’s smart devices and not headphones. Why is this though?

Beats owns 57% of the headphone market, more than half, this is because it spends 14$ for each pair of headphones and sells it to customers for approximately 300$ to spend in marketing! Until today around 1.8Bilion dollars were spent on marketing…singers, soccer players, boxing champions or even DJs are payed to wear this brand so that people that admire them will think they are “cool” and will buy them. Shure is another brand of the same field, the difference is that a Beats speaker costs around 299$ and a Shure speaker costs 100$, this because it invests more on the quality than on advertising it, making it nearly unknown by most people.

We tend to worry more about what others might think of us than about ourselves…this is why a 15 years old wears Beats and not Shure.

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