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SWOT Analysis – Strengths
Leadership Capability: * Some offices perform well
Corporate Social Responsibility: * Previous surveys have shown high scores for WRSX in terms of its ethical stance and its social profile (its social contribution to the communities in which it trades)
Client attraction & retention: * WRSX scores highly on its market research capability and its understanding of market segments and channels. * It also scores very highly in terms of its creativity and innovation

SWOT Analysis – Weaknesses
Management of Growth: * WRSX is perceived as just below average in terms of its entrepreneurial capability & management of organic growth * Well below average in terms of the way it has managed acquisitions to date * Not seen as a global player measured against competitors * Its ownership of trade names and intellectual property rights is below the industry average
Management of risk: * Its management of financial risk has dropped below average as a result of a sustained investment in acquisitions in recent years * Acquisitions have not been perceived as financially astute * Recent corruption scandal involving Raphael roux has damaged WRSX group’s reputational risk score. * The way the business is structured and managed, i.e. local autonomy and a light handed approach by the wrsx group board, results in a low score in terms of management of operational, market and business risk against the industry average.
Leadership capability: * Most offices perform badly in terms of management of operations, information management and administration * Across the group scores average out at below the industry average. * WRSX performs well below the industry average in terms of its strategic leadership capability, its ability to lead and manage change and its ability to attract and...

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