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Date: December 31, 2013

Subject: Funding Request for Business Writing Course

As a Network System Administrator, I often send e-mails to various organizations at Nellis AFB and I am frequently asked to write memos, official letters, reports and briefings on the various projects our company is involved with. Currently, all of this work has to get reviewed by our site lead to ensure that it is error free, which sometimes causes massive overhead and late submissions.

There is a refresher Business Writing course taught at the local community college that addresses all the training required to accomplish our company’s writing needs. I am interested in attending this class and would like to request funding to do so. Currently, we have a Technical Education account that covers expenses for classes that help acquire technical certifications. I would like to extend the account to cover courses similar to this writing one because I feel it will directly benefit our technical communications.

It will strengthen my ability to communicate effectively on the job by teaching me how to compose messages using a structured business writing process. My ultimate goal is to alleviate some of the time constraint that is put on our site lead when he has numerous business documents to review.

The company will directly benefit from my attendance in this course by having an employee that can write clear and concise documents that accomplish its business objectives and that will require no proof-reading or editing, thereby freeing up time for our site lead to concentrate on other matters. Submissions will be sent in a more timely fashion and will contain information that is more accurate, allowing for stronger decision making from all parties involved. Furthermore, the class will help me compose targeted messages using structured business writing process, which will create stronger business relationships, clearer and more persuasive marketing messages, and an overall enhanced professional image of our company.

Thank you for considering this request. Please let me know if you need any additional information that may influence your decision to approve funding.

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