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WWII Marriage

Tebogo: The year was 1901 and I had just arrived in England, I had two jobs (for the money obviously) I was the local newspaper man and I was a post man, they weren’t the best jobs but I was happy with what I had but one thing was missing and that was my true love.

Amanda: I was working at the local coffee shop and one day a man walked in the store and ask for a cappuccino, then I gave him his cappuccino then he said I was the fifth most beautiful woman he had ever seen, then he asked for my number then I gave him the number then for a few months we were going out then we got married.

Tebogo: In 1914 we the war started I wanted to fight for my country so I joined the army but my wife was crying all the time because I was gone. But at the front line I was not doing quite as expected because I was scared of getting shot I didn’t want to die. So then the general got mad and got his brother to go out with my wife to make problems with my family (but I didn’t know till after 1 year).

Amanda: Everyday I was crying because I missed my husband, then one day a man came to my house and said “ sorry miss I got your mail” then I was surprised because this guy lived on the other side of town. Then I took my mail, and then he asked me if I was ok because he could see tears then I said no, my husband is fighting in the war. Then he asked me to a drink then I said ok, then soon we were going out.

Tebogo: After I found out I got divorced and lived with myself for the next two years then when the war ended I was able to go back home and think about things, I found out that the general sent his brother to make my ex-wife cheat me, then I found out It wasn’t her fault it was the generals. The war ended in 1918 then I got a medal for being one of the bravest people in the war then in the hall I say my ex then I went up to her then asked her to marry me again,...

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