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Wwe Business Management Strategy Paper

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In formulating a business strategy, one must be able to utilize the many tools that reside within the tool bag of the manager. The business manager will need to harness the various tools from many disciplines of a MBA curriculum. The company’s resources and capabilities come in many shapes and form. For example, a company’s talent pool, intellectual property, formula for building a product and most importantly the consumers can be viewed as a resource or its ability to fend off a competitor. The company’s resources and capabilities will determine how best to match up against a competitor and how to respond to threats effectively. The strategic goal of getting a competitive advantage is a plan that will call upon many tools from various disciplines most commonly taught in business schools.
Stacking Up with the Industry
Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into the business model can be viewed as a business strategy in the sports entertainment industry, by shedding the perception of promoting violence and moving towards promoting family friendly content. CSR is a vehicle that can be used to promote social change and acceptance using a company as a “voice” which would carry more weight. Companies with the ability to recognize profound social change and anticipate how they affect operations have proven to be survivors” (Lawrence & Weber, 2011) – this helps a company to differentiate itself from the industry. An example would be World Wrestling Entertainment Corporation, realizing that their product may be seen as contributory to the escalating violence including hate-crimes. Thus they are using the reach potential of their performers to represent the company and send a message promoting a new nationwide anti-bullying campaign titled “be a STAR (Show…...

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