Wyatt Rebellion Essay

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Sir Thomas Wyatt was a member of a wealthy and well connected gentry family from Kent. He succeeded to the family estates on the death of his father in 1542. Unfortunately for Wyatt, his career suffered a setback in 1547 when Surrey fell into disfavor with Henry VIII and was executed. As a committed protestant Wyatt favored the Edwardian regime, which he defended in 1549 when riots broke out in Kent. He was trusted by Somerset's successor Northumberland, who appointed him to represent the English government in negotiations with the French in 1550. Wyatt served the Edwardian regime loyally but declared his support for Mary when Jane Grey was proclaimed queen. Wyatt's initial support for Mary soon evaporated when he heard of the Spanish marriage. As an MP he became involved in the opposition to the proposed marriage in parliament but his hopes of persuading the queen to reject the marriage failed.By the end of January 1554 anti-Spanish feelings led to a rebellion.The rebellion was ultimately a failure and therefore the threat it posed must have been highly significant in the moment but passed quickly. Mary's character, her determination and her courage were important factors that helped to keep royal authority intact.
Mary was known throughout her reign for her strong religious beliefs. Mary was a devoted catholic with strong views on how the country would be best suited to her religious influences. Her religious conviction and strong personality combined were in many ways responsible for both the start of the rebellion and the ability to prevent Wyatt and his troops from seizing the throne. This is supported by Historian Richard Rex who's view of Mary is of a strong and forthright character with no room for compromise, he says that " no one ever doubted her courage, though some preferred to put a less favourable interpretation on it." Mary's determinism enabled her…...