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Wyndham's Byrequest Program - Value Proposition

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The theory of Value Proposition indicates that a target market's valuation of a product can be derived by analyzing the benefits of that product to the target market and weighing the costs of choosing that product. To examine the benefits, one must review both the points of parity, features of a product that are the same as the competition or next best alternative, and the points of difference, features of a product that are superior to the next best alternative (Mgmt 205 Course Reader, pg 17 "Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets). For this analysis of Wyndham International Corporation's ByRequest value proposition, it can be argued that Marriott Hotels and Resorts and it's Marriott Rewards points program is the next best alternative to a potential Wyndham guest due to statistics that indicate that Marriott Hotels and Resorts had the highest occupancy rates in the surveyed years 1997-2001 (Case Exhibit 5) and had the highest percentage of people with incomes exceeding $50,000 per year who preferred the Marriott brand over hotel/motel brands in 2000 and 2002 (Case Exhibit 6). Also, the target market can be defined as "the average upscale traveler who, on average, takes 12 to 14 trips a year", corporate travelers in particular (Case Page 13), as it is the business traveler who usually is the primary decision maker for business trips (Case Exhibit 6). The point of parity between Wyndham's ByRequest program and the Marriott Rewards program is that both reward guests for their frequent reservations and brand loyalty with a free membership and perks such as frequent flyer miles and special offers. However, it is the points of difference between the ByRequest program and the Marriott Rewards program that really adds significant benefit to Wyndham's value proposition. Where Marriott Rewards program offers points to guests which can be accumulated to be...

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