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Xcom285 Tuition Reimbursement Implementation

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Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report
April 7, 2013

Keeping a company at the top of the game is no easy task for any president or CEO. They must have some of the best and brightest individuals in all areas in order to be successful. For a company to be able to fill those spots, it is extremely important to find educated people that are also motivated to help drive them forward. The best way to do this is to provide a tuition reimbursement program. Having medical, dental, and vision benefits is nice to offer to employees but, in today’s day and age it is more or less the norm. To keep employees happy and interested in coming to work or to help improve their skills, having a tuition reimbursement program is a key step in taking our company to the next level. As reported by, “Many successful companies that provide tuition reimbursement program showed that they have a low employee turnover rate while enjoying high productivities and enhanced efficiencies from the employees.” (Education-portal, 2013). This is what causes them to be at the top or run just like a well-oiled machine. This report will address the tangible and intangible benefits, the types of careers and earning potential and the new professional opportunities that a business and communication bachelor’s degree can offer. When looking at the tangible and intangible benefits to having a business and communication bachelor’s degree is how it will change the employee. The employee is adding value to his/her stock by getting the education. This meaning that the employee just became more valuable for the company because they now can handle more responsibility and keep it under control. One of the other tangible benefits that the company acquires is creditability with other potential business partners. This is because the company took the step to get the employee...

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