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1. Please carefully read and fill out all the relevant parts of this form, providing a full explanation of your requirements.

2. Attach all of the documents related to the assignment to this form, including notes, handouts, example essays, etc. This will help us provide a better quality product.

3. We are not responsible for assignments that fail or require significant re-writing because the customer did not provide an adequate explanation of the requirements of the assignment or did not provide all of the relevant materials required for completing the assignment.

Assignment Requirements (You don’t have to fill out parts of this form that you don’t understand.)

1. Assignment title/topic (If you are required to choose one assignment among many, please indicate this. Please also indicate if the writer should provide a title for the assignment.) Task6

2. Required word count
3. Course and/or field of study

4. Level of education for which the essay is being written (Bachelor's/Master's or PhD degree)
5. When we should give you the essay (writers usually hand in their assignments in the evening) 25/3/2016 6. Assignment type (essay/report, etc.) Report

7. Number and type of references required (This information is required: please provide information about any requirements about the type of references (APA/Harvard, etc.) to be used and their publication date, country of publication, etc. here) Harvard 8. Sometimes references styles are updated. Please tell us which edition of the reference style you would like us to use, e.g. Harvard 2008.

Please provide the following additional information, which will help the writers write better assignments:

1. Username and password for accessing library...

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