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Jessica Rose December 13, 2015
Student ID# 277419 XTT Task 1

A Currently in my facility, we do not have a policy regarding geriatric and/or demented patients and pain control. I believe this needs to be changed because although we have an initial assessment protocol, we do not have any kind of protocol to control a geriatric or demented patients pain. Since demented patients are quite often left unable to communicate their feelings, I believe there would be, less adverse effects and better patient outcomes for this group of people and better satisfaction with their families.

B There are many people associated with proposing the change within the facility. First would be to go through the assistant nurse manager and nurse manager who would then bring the proposal to the nursing and medical directors for the ER. The ANM and NM would have to decide whether the proposed change would be beneficial for the patients and their outcomes and do further research which they would then propose to the directors. From there, they would decide whether the research was sufficient enough to implement a change.

C Full APA citation for at least 5 sources | Evidence Strength (1-7) and Evidence Hierarchy | 1. H., Bell, J., Karttunen, N. M., Nykänen, I. A., M., & Hartikainen, S. A. (2013). Analgesic Use and Frailty among Community-Dwelling Older People. Drugs & Aging, 30(2), 129-136. doi:10.1007/s40266-012-0046-8 | 2 and Experimental | 2. Haasum, Y., Fastbom, J., Fratiglioni, L., Kåreholt, I., & Johnell, K. (2011). Pain Treatment in Elderly Persons With and Without Dementia. Drugs & Aging, 28(4), 283-293. doi:10.2165/11587040-000000000-00000 | 2 and Experimental | 3. Nipp MD, R., Sloane MPH, R., Rao MD, A., Schmader MD, K., & Cohen MD, H. (2012). Role of pain medications, consultants, and other services in...

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