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1. Introduction

In our country many organizations are performing a lot of activities to make efficient and effective their working condition or make the organization profitable through investment and taking so many challenges. Along with this they are also very much concerned about the products of the company and their position in the market. The Mutual fund is one of them who are performing their works very effectively. As we are the students of BBA department, we have to learn about the mutual fund investment system analysis of a firm. That’s why we have decided to analysis on mutual fund that renown in the world.

1.1 Origin of the Report
This report is a part of “Investment Management” course under the BBA curriculum. As we are the students of BBA department, we have to learn about the financial system analysis of financial firms. That’s why we have decided to analysis on mutual fund.
1.2 Objectives • To improve our knowledge

• To make us experienced

• To develop our skill.

• To provide brief information about our analysis

1.3 Problem and Purpose 1.3.1 Problem Statement

This report seeks to address the following requirement: “To study about the mutual fund, its overall process analysis followed by firm. 1.3.2 Purpose of the Report
The objective of the report is- “To acquire the practical knowledge of Mutual fund analysis followed by the firm.

1.4 Scope and Limitation 1.4.1 Scope
This paper includes financial system in Bangladesh. Then Structure of Financial System, History of Bangladesh Capital Market, mutual funds, types of mutual fund schemes, set up of mutual fund, invest in mutual fund and rights of a mutual funds holder. • Our time was short

• We are not experienced

• Lacking of available information & data

• Lacking of available reference

1.4.2 Limitation...

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